Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family Visit | Raleigh Family Photographer

I decided to start this blog mostly to share photographs, but also to keep in better touch with family and friends. I suppose it's appropriate then that my first post comes after a visit from my parents (better knows as Mimi and Gramps to Talah).

Orange you glad you came to visit?

Mimi read Talah her new book. Finding a shot that wasn't completely blurry was darn near impossible. Talah's little hands move so fast!

We had fun eating (Maximillian's came highly recommended and didn't disappoint), talking, and playing with Talah. We also cracked open this Peppermint Pig my parents brought. It's supposed to bring happiness and prosperity to all who partake in its breaking. We all joined in and even little Talah took a whack at it, with my help.

I'm really enjoying my new camera. I'll post more pictures later, but here's a recent one of Talah for now.

Forgive me if the layout of this blog looks a bit amateur for now. I'll learn more soon!

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