Thursday, June 19, 2008

Enso and Talah at the Maitland Art Center | Raleigh Family Photographer

I'm a little behind in posting pictures from the trip to Florida. On my next post I'll include more from that trip. For now, here are some pictures taken at the Maitland Art Center. I got to take some pictures of my nephew, Enso, with Eddie. Enso is hilarious because he loves to do the chicken dance and will sometimes walk around flapping one of his "wings" absentmindedly, like it's just a natural thing for him to do. Look up "Enso" on Wikipedia. It's pretty much the coolest name ever.

I also took some pictures of Talah while we were there. It was fun to watch the cousins figuring each other out. The Maitland Art Center is pretty amazing, by the way. It's a dreamy place for a photographer. I would have taken more pictures everywhere there, but it was ridiculously hot and Talah was starting to get a little ornery and I really couldn't blame her! Laresa didn't want her picture included here, but she was there and took the picture of me with Talah toward the bottom : )

In our version of the story, Little Red Riding Hood is the victor.

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