Saturday, August 2, 2008

Talah's Tutu | Raleigh Baby Photographer

I bought this tutu for Talah months ago and it's just now fitting her. I know some of the photos are pretty similar (edit, edit--I know, I know!!), but I thought she looked so cute that I had to post them anyway because I couldn't decide. The second to last one has a bit of texture added in. For the last one, I used some low key tones.


Joanna said...

Hey Jen, Jacob, Talah, and Phillip,

Great pictures, they all look like happy times...
Joanna took me through the website and blog pictures. I hope you have great success and end up getting to do photography as much as you like!

Love, Aunt Robin and Michael

p.s. happy belated birthday again to talah!

BriannasMomTina said...

OH MY GOSH do I LOVE LOVE LOVE these tutu pics! Awesome Job. Can't wait for our next session!

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