Friday, November 21, 2008

Hardy Family | Raleigh Family Photographer

When Kelly told me her three-year-old twin boys loved trains, I knew we needed to run with that. Thankfully, Kelly was completely on board (I was so tempted to type "all aboard," instead of "on board," but I resisted my natural corniness). We ended up going to this great location in Raleigh that has some old train cars and an unused track. It was so cute to watch Adam and Caleb explore and "drive" the train. They also had fun throwing rocks and putting their toy trains on the tracks. The whole family joined in! Kelly and David--thank you for a great afternoon!

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Laresa said...

I love the silhouettes and them walking down the track as the sun sets but the best for me was the mom holding both children on her lap at the same time and the loving way they draped themselves on her AHHH tears!!!! Is there anything better than being a parent -- NO!!!!

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