Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Orange Grove | Raleigh Family Photographer

This was a big crew. We had a bunch of Arthurs, some Tapias, and a couple of Renicks. Plus we had a Harbach and a Summers girl (well, two Summers girls if you count my maiden name) behind the scenes. Anyway, we took some family pictures at an orange grove near my parents house in Windermere. Orange groves are something most people in Florida take for granted. I know I did when I lived there. Now when I go back to visit I can appreciate how pretty they really are. And speaking of pretty, just take a look at my family!


Laresa said...

What! No mention of the crazy farmer and "Sir back away from my family" or the "Spanish Challenge" for Joanna? LOL

Such an awesome idea - the best gift ever - thank you!!!! I can not believe you actually got a picture of Enso smiling. I treasure these images - they are destined for Blurb! We do have a beautiful family!

Thank you for braving the challenges of this shoot!

Corin said...

These are just beautiful! I love the idea of family in a grove! It's so poetic and peaceful.

Love your work!

Dedot said...

great photo family....

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