Sunday, February 8, 2009

Talah in Late Winter | Raleigh Children's Photographer

I had planned to make Talah a scarf for months and hadn't gotten to it. I had only crocheted a couple of things, so I was a little intimidated by the idea, despite my mom always telling me how easy it is. Incidentally, my mom is great at crocheting and I'll include a picture of the stocking she made for Talah in another post. I ended up making Talah a little cowl neck warmer instead (thanks for your help, Clare!). I have to say, she looks pretty darn cute in it (if I do say so myself!) : )




Victoria said...

Jen I am so proud of you :-) How fun that you made that for Talah. She is precious in it too. Love the pictures. Ugh, I want to eat her up. Miss you. Love you!

Laresa said...

Sooo cute!!! Post Geek Chic Talah - I love that picture!!!

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