Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Matilda Jane | Raleigh Children's Photographer

I told you Matilda Jane stuff was cute, and here's the proof. This halter top and ruffle pants are just a sampling of some of the great stuff from this season's line. Fake tattoos are not included. By the way, I don't think my parents were crazy about Talah's (faux!!!) ink. Is that right, Mom?




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Jan Summers said...

Well, Jen,
I must admit that when I was growing up, faux tatoos sometimes came in boxes of candy or Cracker Jacks and I was more than happy to apply them to myself. So party on dudette, as long as there is nothing permanent involved. Also,do you remember how we used to always get a handstamp when we left Disney even if we knew we were not coming back? I have also been known to apply Gator spirit stickers and/or face paint on game days. It's all good and Talah does look sooo cute! :)

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