Friday, May 22, 2009

Driveway Films Series : ) | Raleigh Photographer

Jacob and I have been talking about showing movies in our driveway or yard for years and we finally had a chance to do it tonight! After getting the projector we'd been hunting, we invited the neighbors over for a showing of Night at the Museum. It was a blast!

The hardest part was actually choosing the movie. A few of us collaborated to figure out what we have and what we should watch. We've determined that amongst all of us in the neighborhood, we must have enough movies to start our own rental company. I hadn't seen Night at the Museum and really enjoyed it.

We used our Honda Element (all doors open) as the sound system, which actually worked really well, and a classroom-sized white board as the screen. Next time we may use a huge sheet so we can blow the movie up big enough to cover the entire garage door! Can't wait for the next one : )

And I'm a bit behind in blog posts. I need to post several soon, including my recent trip to Spain. I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow, though, so I'll catch up next week!

Happy and safe Memorial Day, everyone!





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Laresa said...

That is just TOO AWESOME for words!!!! I want to be your neighbor!!!!

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