Friday, April 10, 2009

Nice Shades! ; ) | Raleigh Boutique Photographer

I am so thankful and happy that my wonderful friend Tory has moved back to North Carolina. And this time she's only 3 miles from my house!

I wanted to take a moment to spotlight her because she makes incredible custom lampshades and you need to check it out! She sells shades she's already created on Etsy, but she can also take custom orders so that you can pick out the fabric of your choice, along with the shape of the shade and the size, and she'll make it especially for you.

And if you're an interior designer, consider commisioning Tory for your next project. She's a consumate professional and has been hired for everything from individual homes to boutique hotel rooms to weddings (how cool is that? You could have a bunch of custom lampshades hanging at your reception! Especially if they were hanging from branches at night--super cool).

Here's her Etsy page and blog:

Here are a couple that she did for me!





Victoria said...

Thanks for doing this post Jen, so sweet of you. Great pictures of the lampshades, of course :-) Love you, I am so happy to be back and only 3 miles away. SO FUN!!!

Jan Summers said...

Tori, your lamp shades are beautiful. Love your blog, too. I had lunch at NoFo last week with Jen and said you should be selling your shades there or some similar place. I am glad that you and Jen are close by.

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