Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nic | Raleigh Fashion Photographer

Here are a few pictures of Nic, the model who worked with us on this newborn session in Omaha. He was great with the babies and was a good sport, even after experiencing a few "surprises" while working with naked babies (hint: it includes both #1 and #2). Nic, thanks for being professional and pleasant the whole time!







mirka psak said...

omg girl, have you like fall on your butt of how cute he is?! you did a wonderful job with those! very very nice!

Jan Summers said...

You have completely captured his sensitive side.

Jen Arthur said...

Mirka--nah, he was gross. LOL : )

Mom--thank you! He seemed like a very nice guy.

nic roewert said...

well Jen, I have to agree with you on the gross thing...90 degrees, sweat and baby p...well, you know what covered... :-)

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