Thursday, July 23, 2009

Senior Spotlight: Maria | Raleigh High School Senior Photographer

Meet Maria. She's a rising senior at Cary High School. She's fun, she's artistic, and she's got a great sense of style. Her clothes were all of my favorite colors, so I have to assume that she also shares a love for the tertiary colors : )

I asked Maria to answer a few questions for me, so here we go!


JA: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
M: I would travel to India because the culture and people are fascinating to me.


JA: Who are your favorite bands/singers?
M: I cannot name a single band or singer but a few of my favorites as of now are NeverShoutNever and Dispatch.

JA: What is your favorite meal?
M: My favorite meal is a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel.


JA: If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?
M: I would meet Ashton Kutcher, because he is simply amazing.

JA: Who is your biggest role model?
M: My biggest role model would have to be my mom.


Can we just pause for a moment to appreciate how beautiful Maria's eyes are?

JA: What are your favorite clothing stores?
M: American Apparel & Urban Outfitters (& Target!)

JA: What is your favorite book?
M: Go Ask Alice

JA: What is on the walls in your room?
M: I don't have much on the walls of my room, but I have magazine/posters collaged and covering my whole ceiling.

Just look at this pose! I told Maria to play with her necklace and this is what she did. So editorial!

JA: What is your dream job?
M: My dream job, as of now, is to be a glassblower and have my own studio.

JA: Where would you like to go to art school?
M: Hawaii

This little field was full of grasshoppers. Every time we took a step, a swarm of them would go jumping : ) This rocking chair has been in my family for years. I was happy to be able to use it in this shoot.

JA: If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?
M: I would rid the world of child labor and mistreatment.

As you may have noticed, Maria is an artist, so what better way to celebrate that than to capture that on camera?





Maria, I had a fabulous time with you. Your gallery will be ready soon!


Beth Armsheimer said...

Oh my word Jen!! these are so fabulous! She will be so happy with them :)

Beth Jansen said...

Seriously, girl - you are SO impressing me! These are awesome and what a KICK A** location!!!!

Jan Summers said...

Fantastic photos. They will be the memory of a lifetime. So much more fun than old fashioned studio pictures with the drape and boa. Maria, you are a beautiful girl.

Shanice said...

You should contact the bizymoms Cary community to get your blog featured to their large mom community. I am sure they would love to read your posts.

There is a form on their expert page, </a

Victoria said...

Man, I wish I had senior pictures like this. Amazing! You are amazing!!

}:{ Keda }:{ said...

This session is breathtaking! Fabulous work.

Anonymous said...

wow! love all of these, but especially the one with the rust colored background:) great locations. she is beautiful and has such a photogenic face.

Corin said...

Awesome Jen! She has such a classic beauty about her. I really love the one of her in the grass, the profile shot, reminded me of a Dante Rossetti painting.

Jen Arthur said...

Thanks so much, everyone! Corin, it's so funny that you say that about Rossetti. I was thinking she had a very Pre-Raphaelite look. I could totally see Rossetti or Burne-Jones or someone like that painting her.

Bailey Guinigundo said...

You have a great eye, Jen! Nice work!

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