Sunday, March 14, 2010

Priscilla | Raleigh Photographer

It's always nice when you can go out shooting with another photographer and just have fun. That's what Julie Lindsey and I did. Her niece, Priscilla, was so funny and sweet. Her look reminded me a lot of Taylor Swift (especially in the 4th photo). Actually, when I was taking some of the last ones shown in this post, she was reminding me of Hayden Panetierre. And in the second to last photo, she reminds me of Claire from Lost. By the way, imagine I'm saying "Claire" with an Australian accent, like Claire's mum : ) So, perhaps we could just agree that she's versatile? And, obviously, extremely photogenic.

So nice to meet you, Priscilla! And, Julie, looking forward to getting together again soon!


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Siran said...

Nice photograph! I most like NO. 2,7, 11, and 15. :)

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