Monday, May 17, 2010

Talah's Quilt

If you have emailed me recently, you probably got an auto reply from me about our recent move. Things have definitely been a whirlwind because it all happened so fast--all the way from deciding to simply look at houses to quickly selling our home to moving into our new home. Even in early February I didn't imagine we'd be living in a different house...yet, here we are. What a difference a few months can make! The whole moving process has slowed me down a bit in terms of blogging (amongst other things!), but I'm getting back in the groove.

We've still got unpacking to do and lots of decorating, so I won't share any pictures of the house right now, but I did want to share a few pictures of Talah's new quilt! With the move came the discussion about whether or not we should move Talah from her toddler bed to a "big girl bed." We decided to take the plunge. Talah is now in a real adult bed and she's actually transitioned extremely well. In fact, it's the bed Jacob had built out of picnic tables for his brother when he lived with us (Hi, Phillip!).

To go with her bed, we got her a custom quilt. The quilt was made by Sarah Miller from Blue Barn Quilts on Etsy. I actually used Alchemy to find Sarah. If you aren't familiar with Alchemy, it's a feature on Etsy where you can put in a custom project/product that you want and sellers will bid on your job. I had several bids and I'm SO glad I went with Sarah. She was fantastic throughout the entire process. She had excellent communication and she sent me pictures along the way so I could see how the quilt was coming along. She is so nice and very talented and was able to do the exact pattern I wanted. All I did was choose my fabrics and I had them shipped to her. She took it from there. If you want to have a quilt made, you should absolutely get in touch with Sarah. Working with Sarah has been, by far, my best Etsy experience. Be sure to visit her Etsy shop!

I'll share pictures of the full quilt once Talah's room is done. Sarah's work is impeccable!

Below is the box I opened when it arrived.


The top two bundles are the fabric scraps I had requested in my Alchemy request and the bottom two are quilts. I'm hoping to practice sewing and I might as well have some cute fabric scraps to use!




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Anonymous said...

You are talking about my daughter - Sarah Miller. I couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments. Sarah taught herself how to quilt. She is such a talented young lady, beautiful inside and out. I'm so proud to call her my daughter.

Sandy Leeth

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