Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jacob

"Who's that?"

That was the first thing I said after seeing Jacob for the first time way back in high school as he walked down the hall. We had a few encounters before we actually started dating. The first time I had a chance to talk to him, he was in trouble (such a rebel!) and was sitting in the math department near my mom's desk. I offered him some Cheeze-Its and he politely turned me down. That was the end of that encounter. The second time, I offered him some pizza on the way to a party with mutual friends. Again, he turned me down (geez, I needed a new strategy!). But that time we had a chance to talk and ended up talking in the corner most of the night. Now, a little over eighteen years later, we're married and have a daughter. It was hard to see into the future back then, but I'm pretty sure we knew.

Happy birthday to my best friend in the world. I love you!


And to show something Jacob and our friend Brandon did for my Mother's Day/birthday present, take a look at the wood wall they created below. I had seen a cool scrap wood wall online and asked if Jacob could do one for us. I didn't anticipate the amount of work that would go into planning it, making all the cuts, staining and putting up each individual piece before the two of them actually got started. It was a beast, but I think it looks great. Are they happy with the way it turned out? YES!!! Would they ever do it again? NO!!! In fact, Jacob and Brandon wrote a hate note to the wall on the back of the last piece of wood they put up. But--come on--it's cool, right?





Victoria said...

SO beautiful. Rock on Jacob. Your hard work was all worth Jen's amazing vision, which is so great in the picture but even better in person, seriously. I loved hearing your story too of how you tried to get Jacob to talk to you. I am shocked the food did not work :-)

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